lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

The Bakery


Project: "The bakery".

Activity 4: A visit to the Bakery

K5 went on a visit to "Dolchezze" bakery, next to the Kinder. We tought some vocabulary in English to the employees and owner, and they tought us how they do their job. We learnt a lot and... We received some cookies at the end!
Thank you very much "Dolchezze"!!! 

Activity 3: The Little Red Hen

Site: TES iboard

Escuchamos otra versión de la historia.

Ahora la recreamos.

Compartimos nuestro trabajo

Activity 2: The Little Red Hen

Escuchamos la historia.


Sitie: Capstone

Farm Animals

Site: TES iboard

Activity 1: Cook

Sitio: Curious George

Sitio: Barbie

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